“Since my childhood, and as a short-sighted person, I have often been disappointed by the comfort of the frames I had bought. Like millions of people, I am used to choosing my spectacles without taking into account the prescription lenses I require. 


In spite of the progress made in terms of thickness and lightness with high index, Rx lenses are heavier than the standard demo lenses on the frame, up to 4 times more. That means that with their final prescription lenses, the initial balance and comfort of the eyeglasses may be dramatically altered. Consequently, the glasses slip down the nose, and as the pupils are not aligned anymore with the optical centre of the lenses, the optical performance of the equipment is lower.  


After 15 years of managing experience for high-end eyewear brands like TAG Heuer Eyewear, I have decided with my partner in life as in business Sophie Hoehlinger, to work on solutions by creating a high-end concept, in consistency with my core values. Indeed, I believe spectacles are far more than prosthesis; they mirror and distinguish one’s soul, like the most obvious masculine jewel.” Frédéric Pons

AirArt Eyewear was created in 2019 by Sophie Hoehlinger and Frédéric Pons, partners in life as in business, and also founders of Hoehl's | Paris, Wellness High-Jewellery.

In 2020, we proudly announce our partnership with Louis Vanel, 2019 Aerobatics World Champion.